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Incoming Freshman Application Process

Placement Test Registration Fee







Here are the requirements to be considered for the class of 2025:


1. A completed 2021-2022 application for admission

(Click the New Student Application Link on the left hand side of the page to start an application)

2. All supporting documentation submitted to registrar


Copies of 7th grade transcripts and most current 8th grade report cards 

Copies of all middle school standardized test scores

*Public School Verification Form
(Completed by current school, Only for Public School Applicants)
*Request for Discipline Records
(completed by current school)

Immunization Records

*Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Signed and Returned to Registrar

*Documents located on the side of the page are printable or downloadable

You can email the completed documents to or bring them directly to the school office

3. Entrance exam taken and results received

4.  Admissions interview with a member of the YC administration



The following schools will have the test administered on their campus and those dates are to be determined by their administration:  St. Francis School, Immaculate Conception and   Yuma Lutheran School. 


Open dates for all other area 8th graders are on the following Saturdays:


· November 14th

· December 5th

· January 16th

· February 20th


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the number of students will be limited for each test, masks will be required to be worn during the test and we will have the rooms set up to accommodate proper social distancing.  There is a $25 test fee and it will need to be paid in advance.  See the link at the very top of the page for payment.


*We expect to have more students applying then we have seats available in the class.  The administration will meet at least once a month beginning in December to evaluate students who have completed the above process.  Once a student has been accepted to Yuma Catholic, they will have a limited time frame to accept their seat and pay the $250 registration fee.


*If the enrollment process is not completed in that time frame we will open up that spot to a student on the wait list.