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Perfoming Arts

Golden Shamrock Choir

The Golden Shamrock Choir is the top-performing ensemble in the department. Students in all grades and ability levels perform a variety of music from the Choral repertoire, encompassing pieces from early music through popular music of today. The Golden Shamrock Choir performs weekly at school Mass and has performed at various locations in Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, Anaheim, and Flagstaff. The Choir has earned numerous accolades and 1st/2nd place finishes in national Choir festivals and is a 3-time winner of the coveted “Spirit of Anaheim”.

We are proud to announce that our YC Choir WON a National Award!

Please CLICK HERE to view the local news report on YC's Choir 20-21 season! 



The Yuma Catholic Band is an instrumental ensemble that performs at all school concerts and other various school/community events. Students in all grades and ability levels perform music in the following styles: Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Pop/Rock Band. Students in Band class also perform on the Yuma Catholic Drumline.




The Yuma Catholic Drumline is a fairly new ensemble that focuses on the specific performance aspect of marching percussion. Students in all grades and ability levels, who are also in Band class, perform various exercises, warm-ups, and cadences on Snare Drum, Tenor Drums, and Bass Drums. The Drumline performs at all school pep assemblies, home sporting events, and local community events.


The Guitar Class at Yuma Catholic is a unique ensemble consisting of only acoustic/classical guitars and students of varying levels and grades. In this class, students learn basic scales, chords and chord progressions, note reading, performance pieces, and even basic composition. The Guitar ensemble performs at all school concerts and local community events.




The Drama Class at Yuma Catholic acts as an introduction to theater and basic acting. Students in this class learn observation, pantomime, improvisation, scene acting, monologues, and musical theater concepts. Students also grow in their self-esteem, self-confidence, collaboration, and leadership skills over the course of the year. The Drama class performs at all school concerts and local community events.