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Welcome to the Yuma Catholic High School Family!


Our faith based educational community brings together all stakeholders in a common effort to launch graduates prepared for college with strong academic skills, but also personal values including the will to excel in all endeavors, Christian ethics, respect for self and others, compassion, responsibility, trustworthiness, a spirit of service, and a lifestyle rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

The Advancement Department works closely with community members, businesses, alumni, students, parents, and friends to provide the resources necessary to support the school’s sacred mission of character and engagement. Everyone working together fosters the greatest good and models the spirit of service!  Contributions in the form of time, talent, and monetary donations help ensure that student achievement soars and that a quality Catholic education remains affordable, available, and exceptional to all that want to commit to superior performance.   Everything we do is focused on uplifting our students to be their best, achieve their goals and serve God!

Funding is needed for curriculum, faculty development, student programs, facility improvements, tuition assistance and capital funds.  On-going support is raised through our Advancement Department with committed effort from our entire Yuma Catholic community.  The positive nature of our Catholic educational tradition is the result of the generosity of donors committed to serving faith, education and diverse youth.

Yuma Catholic High School has been blessed with outstanding students, dedicated faculty, and strong community leadership.   It is these qualities, along with our generous supporters, that have made Yuma Catholic not just another high school but a vital institution whose success has a positive impact on the entire community. We hope that you will consider making a gift to Yuma Catholic High School that will help us to continue to enrich today’s youth and develop tomorrow’s leaders that are ready and able to serve! 

 Yuma Catholic High School is a 501(c) (3) organization and charitable gifts are tax deductible.