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The Yuma Catholic Chapter of

the National Honor Society


National Honor Society is one of the most prestigious membership organizations for high school students. Membership in NHS is by invitation only. After a student submits an application for membership, the selection is conducted by a five-member faculty council. Applicants are considered on the criterion listed below and must have a majority vote from the faculty council; the chapter adviser acts as a facilitator and does not vote. The application process is competitive and students are required to submit a professional application that recognizes their ability to be a scholastic leader.


Students are invited to apply based on the following criterion:


  1. Academic (Diligent Learner) – minimum 3.75 cumulative GPA after at least three consecutive semesters of high school; first opportunity for invitation is during the spring semester of the sophomore year; the student must have attended Yuma Catholic for at least one semester


  1. Leadership (Responsible Citizen) – student leaders are the core of our organization, while participation in school, church, or community activities and athletics is vital, preference is given to students who also hold an elected/appointed leadership role


  1. Service (Person of Living Faith and Responsible Citizen) – potential members must also be responsible citizens by giving back to the community through community service; preference is given to those applicants that maintain on-going service projects and/or lead various service projects


  1. Character (Person of Living Faith) – invited applicants must remain of high moral character, as such, their school discipline record will be considered by the faculty committee in the selection process