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Mission Statement

The mission of Yuma Catholic High School is to bring students to Christ, to prepare students for college, and to develop students through service to the community.

Philosophy Statement

Yuma Catholic High School embraces the distinctive elements of a traditional Catholic school education. Through religious instruction, the message of the Gospel, and the light of faith, students are encouraged to live as children of God and as followers of Christ through personal prayer, celebration of the sacraments, the virtue of love, and service to others.

We promote an educational environment open to all who want to learn, based upon the dignity and worth of each individual, the common nature of all human beings, and their endowment with freedom of will, rational thinking, a moral conscience, and imaginative and creative powers. Students are empowered to realize their human potential by acquiring knowledge, understanding, fitness, wisdom, and grace.

Our educational community brings together students, faculty, staff, administration, and parents in a common effort to foster personal values including the will to excel in all endeavors, Christian ethics, respect for self and others, compassion, responsibility, trustworthiness, a community spirit of service, and a lifestyle rooted in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sapientia Et Gratia
(Wisdom and Grace)