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Campus Ministry

Mr. Laney, Theology

Mr. John Laney, Theology

(928) 317-7900 Ext 1201

Sr. Mary Teresa, Theology

Sr. Mary Teresa

(928) 317-7900 Ext 1206

A Note from Sister Mary Teresa

In the opening Mass for Yuma Catholic way back in 2000,
Fr. John Friel said, “Jesus Christ is the reason for this school.” 
That remains as true today as it was then. 


Our faith in Jesus and our Catholic identity are the reason we are here.  This is why Yuma Catholic has worked to create a vibrant Campus Ministry program to support the faith lives of the students beyond the theology classrooms, so that they don’t just know about Jesus, but so that they actually know Him.

This year the Campus Ministry department is working to highlight several feasts in the liturgical calendar. 

On September 29th, the feast of the archangels, students will be served angel food cake at lunch.  Then, in the month of November, traditionally the month in which we celebrate all saints, there will be an ofrenda in their honor in the front office.

In between those celebrations, there was the kick-off of our 2020-2021 RCIA program for students interested in entering the Catholic Church.  Weekly classes with some of our theology teachers will prepare them to receive the sacraments of initiation at the Easter Vigil this coming April.

As we look to the coming spring, we’re also excited to announce that our senior Kairos retreat has been scheduled, and our senior leaders have already begun training and planning for it.

Even in the midst of the unpredictability of these present times we go forward with confidence knowing that Jesus is our ROCK!

During Distance Learning, our Campus Ministers continued to offer lessons and prayer

Campus Ministry Leaders recorded Prayer Time including mass readings and discussion twice a week. 

Here is an example on their Youtube Channel:  Prayer Time

2020-2021 Eucharistic Ministers

Makena Verdugo

Julian Castillo 

Venice Saco

Nacho Gutierrez-Flores

Emily Martinez

Megan Haworth

Emma Gwynn 

Paulina Hernandez

Maddie Peach

Jordan Jones

Alex Maldonado


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