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Faculty Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Felix Aguayo Aguayo, Felix Athletic Trainer Electives, Support Staff 928-317-7900
Jose Avila Avila, Jose Custodian Support Staff 928-317-7900
Derek Beck Beck, Derek Instructor Fine Arts 928-317-7900
Sr. Mary Teresa Bettag Bettag, Sr. Mary Teresa Instructor Electives, Theology 928 317-7900
Florante Casuyon Casuyon, Florante Instructor Theology 928-317-7900
Danielle Charlot Charlot, Danielle Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900
Alba Cid Cid, Alba Instructor Modern Language 928-317-7900
Ramon Cid Cid, Ramon Instructor Electives, Mathematics 928-317-7900
Brandon Coz Coz, Brandon Instructor Fine Arts 928-317-7900
Michelle De La Torre De La Torre, Michelle Instructor English 928-317-7900
Steve DeDecker DeDecker, Steve Instructor Social Science 928-317-7900
Kodi Doerr Doerr, Kodi Custodian Support Staff 928-317-7900
Jennifer Domingos Domingos, Jennifer Scholarship Manager Support Staff 928-257-3658
Claudia Dym Dym, Claudia Instructor Modern Language 928 317-7900
Sherryl Gerber Gerber, Sherryl Principal Administration 928 317-7902
Ashley Gonzales Gonzales, Ashley Administrative Assistant Support Staff 928-317-7911
Anna Gonzalez Gonzalez, Anna Counselor Support Staff 928-317-7901
Byron Lackey Lackey, Byron Instructor Physical Education 928 317-7900
Leilani Maderazo Maderazo, Leilani Instructor
Andi Martinez Martinez, Andi Instructor
Cheryl Meade Meade, Cheryl Instructor English 928-317-7900
Valeria Mendoza Mendoza, Valeria Instructor
Warren Mendoza Mendoza, Warren Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900
Anita Metcalfe Metcalfe, Anita Instructor Science 928-317-7900
Tony Mitchell Mitchell, Tony Instructor
Victoria Montijo Montijo, Victoria Nurse (928) 317-7908
Iordanis Moustakidis Moustakidis, Iordanis Instructor Electives, Mathematics, Science 928-317-7900
Kenneth Nelson Nelson, Kenneth Security Officer Support Staff 928-317-7900
Jose Ortiz Ortiz, Jose Maintenance Manager Support Staff 928-317-7900
Yendi Parker Parker, Yendi Instructor
Channing Pinnt Pinnt, Channing Marketing Specialist Support Staff 928-317-7910
Todd Pinnt Pinnt, Todd Instructor Electives, Social Science 928-317-7900
Charles Pisaeno Pisaeno, Charles Instructor
Louis Pisano Pisano, Louis Assistant Athletic Director Administration 928-317-7906
Ryan Pope Pope, Ryan Director of Technology Administration 928-317-7929
Pat Rafferty Rafferty, Pat Student Services Coordinator
Katie Ries Ries, Katie Director of Advancement 928-317-7924
Carlos Ritchie Ritchie, Carlos PC Technician Support Staff 928-317-7909
Chloe Roberts Roberts, Chloe Instructor Physical Education 928-317-7900
Frank Robles Robles, Frank Cafeteria Manager Support Staff 928-317-7923
Soledad Rodriguez Rodriguez, Soledad Counselor Support Staff 928-257-3391
Ivan Sandoval Sandoval, Ivan Instructor Theology 928-317-7900
Jessa Sandoval Sandoval, Jessa Instructor Science 928-317-7900
Kenneth Sandoval Sandoval, Kenneth Instructor Theology 928-317-7900
Martin Schaetzle Schaetzle, Martin Instructor
Christopher Schiller Schiller, Christopher Director of Enrollment Administration, Electives 928-257-3389
Josie Smith Smith, Josie Director of Finance Administration 928-317-7914
Amanda Spees Spees, Amanda Instructor Mathematics, Science 928-317-7900
Rhett Stallworth Stallworth, Rhett President Administration 928-317-7900
Terra Stallworth Stallworth, Terra Director of Counseling Administration, Electives 928-317-7916
Judd Thrower Thrower, Judd Instructor Science 928-317-7900
Brenda Villalobos Villalobos, Brenda Front Desk Receptionist Support Staff 928-317-7908
Mian Wang Wang, Mian Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900
Jeff Welsing Welsing, Jeff Assistant Principal & Director of Athletics Administration 928-317-7906
Ronald Winburn Winburn, Ronald Security Officer Support Staff 928-317-7900