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Cow Patty Bingo

Dear Cow Patty Supporter,

The sixth annual Cow Patty Bingo (CPB) event was a blast!  It was a perfect evening with fun, friends and a ton of laughter!   Your generosity netted over $80,000 for the “Support a Shamrock” fund that provides tuition assistance for families in need.  The students, families and staff at Yuma Catholic are grateful for your generosity. 

We would like to thank our CPB Committee Members; Bruce Williams, Ronnie McKay and Courtney Sellers!  They put together a fantastic night and sponsored the delicious barbecue.  Clint Pikula cooked up the tasty tri –tip.   Frank Rascon donated the tortillas.  Thank you to Pat Cooley and the Keithly Williams Seeds crew for lending their corn roaster, tables/chairs and setting up the steer pen.  We also appreciate their getting the delicious corn and delivering some refreshments for the evening.  

Bruce Williams of Amigo Farms was our top volunteer ticket seller again this year at 33 tickets!  We are grateful to Bruce for always getting it done! We appreciate the support as all 100 tickets sold again this year!   The winning square was #27 which was ticket # 71 purchased by Joe and Annie Fisher.  The steer took over an hour to get it done despite the encouragement from the crowd. The Chicken Bingo was great fun again this year along with some other gaming opportunities.  We did three rounds of Chicken Cr*p Bingo at $20, $10 and $10 per square.  The winners were:  Steve Hasler, Ronnie McKay and Michelle Castaneda. Thanks to the McKay family for providing the steer and chickens!

Thank you so much for being a part of the Yuma Catholic family.  We appreciate your support for this festive event!   Having a tuition assistance fund helps us support more families and keep enrollment strong and diverse.  Please join us next year on May 2, 2020.  We hope you will encourage your friends and colleagues when spring approaches and get in early as we will sell out! 

We thank you for your ongoing support.

Warm regards,


Rhett Stallworth                                                                      Bobbi Ukura

Principal                                                                                  Advancement Director





Cow Patty Bingo 2019