Faculty Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Eva Avila Avila, Eva Maintenance Support Staff 928-317-7900
Jose Avila Avila, Jose Maintenance Support Staff 928-317-7900
Derek Beck Beck, Derek Instructor Fine Arts 928-317-7900
Sr.Alex Bettinardi Bettinardi, Sr.Alex Secretary Support Staff 928-317-7904
Glenn Butta Butta, Glenn Instructor Theology 9283177900
Dean Cain Cain, Dean Instructor Science 928-317-7900
Aaron Cheatwood Cheatwood, Aaron Ruler of the Universe Support Staff 928 317-7907
Ramon Cid Cid, Ramon Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900
Brandon Coz Coz, Brandon Instructor Fine Arts 928-317-7900
Laura Cuen Cuen, Laura Registrar/Enrollment Director Administration (928) 317-7902
Steve DeDecker DeDecker, Steve Instructor Social Science 928-317-7900
David Duran Duran, David Instructor Modern Language 928-317-7900
Claudia Dym Dym, Claudia Instructor 928 317-7900
Eva Felix Felix, Eva Director of Staff Services Administration 928-317-7911
Shemuel Fleenor Fleenor, Shemuel Instructor Social Science 928-317-7900
Curt Foppe Foppe, Curt Instructor Fine Arts, Physical Education 928-317-7900
Michael Godbout Godbout, Michael Instructor Theology 928 317-7900
Anna Gonzalez Gonzalez, Anna Counselor Support Staff 928-317-7901
Danielle Harris Harris, Danielle Instructor Science 928-317-7900
Miguel Hernandez Hernandez, Miguel Instructor Theology 928-317-7900
Craig Koenigs Koenigs, Craig Director of Technology Administration 928-317-7909
Byron Lackey Lackey, Byron Instructor Physical Education 928 317-7900
Shelly Lorts Lorts, Shelly Instructor English 928-317-7900
Russell Lyons Lyons, Russell Instructor Physical Education 928-317-7900
Matthew Malkowicz Malkowicz, Matthew Instructor Social Science 928-317-7900
Lucia Martinez Martinez, Lucia Front Desk Receptionist Support Staff 928-317-7900
Robert McGalliard McGalliard, Robert Detention Support Staff 928-317-7919
Cheryl Meade Meade, Cheryl Instructor English 928-317-7900
Warren Mendoza Mendoza, Warren Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900
William Mork Mork, William Instructor English 928-317-7900
Phillip Nash Nash, Phillip Instructor Science 928-317-7900
Brooks Neumann Neumann, Brooks Maintenance Support Staff 928-317-7900
Louis Pisano Pisano, Louis Vice Principal Administration 918-317-7906
Ryan Pope Pope, Ryan Administration
Francisco Robles Robles, Francisco Maintenance Support Staff 928-317-7900
Frank Robles Robles, Frank Cafeteria Manager Support Staff 928-317-7923
Patricia Rush Rush, Patricia Instructor 928-317-7900
Elias Saldana Saldana, Elias Technical Support Support Staff 928-317-7929
Christopher Schiller Schiller, Christopher Marketing Specialist Support Staff 928 317-7910
Brenda Schumack Schumack, Brenda Instructor English 928-317-7900
Nicodemus Shaghel Shaghel, Nicodemus
Josie Smith Smith, Josie Director of Finance Administration 928-317-7914
Rhett Stallworth Stallworth, Rhett Principal Administration 928-317-7905
Terra Stallworth Stallworth, Terra Instructor Administration 928-317-7916
Alice Tulio Tulio, Alice Nurse Support Staff 928-317-7908
Roberta Ukura Ukura, Roberta Advancement Director 928 317-7924
Richard West West, Richard Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900
Denise Young Young, Denise Instructor
Liang Zhao-Styvaert Zhao-Styvaert, Liang Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900