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Faculty Directory

  Name Title Group Contact
Felix Aguayo Aguayo, Felix Electives, Support Staff
Jose Avila Avila, Jose Maintenance Support Staff 928-317-7900
Derek Beck Beck, Derek Instructor Fine Arts 928-317-7900
Sr. Mary Teresa Bettag Bettag, Sr. Mary Teresa Instructor Electives, Theology 928 317-7900
Sr. Alex Bettinardi Bettinardi, Sr. Alex Secretary Support Staff 928-317-7904
Ramon Cid Cid, Ramon Instructor Electives, Mathematics 928-317-7900
Brandon Coz Coz, Brandon Instructor Fine Arts 928-317-7900
Andrew DeCock DeCock, Andrew Instructor Social Science
Steve DeDecker DeDecker, Steve Instructor Social Science 928-317-7900
Douglas DiIorio DiIorio, Douglas Instructor Theology
David Duran Duran, David Instructor Modern Language 928-317-7900
Claudia Dym Dym, Claudia Instructor Modern Language 928 317-7900
Bret Felsenthal Felsenthal, Bret Instructor Physical Education 928-317-7926
Curt Foppe Foppe, Curt Instructor Fine Arts, Physical Education 928-317-7900
Sherryl Gerber Gerber, Sherryl Assistant Principal of Curriculum Instruction Administration 928-257-3389
Ashley Gonzales Gonzales, Ashley Administrative Assistant Support Staff (928) 317-7911
Anna Gonzalez Gonzalez, Anna Counselor Support Staff 928-317-7901
Danielle Harris Harris, Danielle Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900
Gerardo Huerta Huerta, Gerardo Instructor English
Byron Lackey Lackey, Byron Instructor Physical Education 928 317-7900
Hannah Lackey Lackey, Hannah Instructor
John Laney Laney, John Instructor Theology 928 317-7930
Divine Luna Luna, Divine Receptionist
Lucia Martinez Martinez, Lucia Receptionist Support Staff 928-317-7900
Robert McGalliard McGalliard, Robert Detention Support Staff 928-317-7919
Cheryl Meade Meade, Cheryl Instructor English 928-317-7900
Warren Mendoza Mendoza, Warren Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900
Jennifer Miller Miller, Jennifer Instructor Electives, Social Science
William Mork Mork, William Instructor English 928-317-7900
Iordanis Moustakidis Moustakidis, Iordanis Instructor Electives
Kenneth Nelson Nelson, Kenneth Security Officer Support Staff
Peggy Pisano Pisano, Peggy Instructor Theology
Ryan Pope Pope, Ryan Director of Technology Administration
Taylor Potter Potter, Taylor Science
Carlos Ritchie Ritchie, Carlos Support Staff 928-317-7909
Francisco Robles Robles, Francisco Maintenance Support Staff 928-317-7900
Frank Robles Robles, Frank Cafeteria Manager Support Staff 928-317-7923
Soledad Rodriguez Rodriguez, Soledad Counselor Support Staff
Jessa Sandoval Sandoval, Jessa Instructor Science
Christopher Schiller Schiller, Christopher Director of Enrollment Administration, Electives 928 317-7910
Josie Smith Smith, Josie Director of Finance Administration 928-317-7914
Amanda Spees Spees, Amanda Instructor Science
Rhett Stallworth Stallworth, Rhett Principal Administration 928-317-7905
Terra Stallworth Stallworth, Terra Counselor Administration, Electives 928-317-7916
Matt Taylor Taylor, Matt Assistant Athletic Director Support Staff 928-317-7907
Judd Thrower Thrower, Judd Instructor Science 928-317-7928
Alice Tulio Tulio, Alice Nurse Support Staff 928-317-7908
Roberta Ukura Ukura, Roberta Advancement Director Administration 928 317-7924
Cynthia Valencia Valencia, Cynthia Support Staff
Michelle Vielbig Vielbig, Michelle English
Jeff Welsing Welsing, Jeff Administration
Liang Zhao Zhao, Liang Instructor Mathematics 928-317-7900