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Meet Mr. Cid

October 03, 2016
By Theodora Baker

Mr. Cid was born and raised in San Luis, Sonora, Mexico. He is a graduate from Sonora State University in Mexico; he holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and holds a master’s degree in quality management. Mr. Cid decided to become a math teacher due to the fact that he has a love of math and numbers. He worked in the private sector for about eight years, then teaching math just called upon him. Mr. Cid’s hope for these upcoming years is that his students do well in math, so that when they go to college it is an easy for them. The legacy he hopes to leave behind is 20 years is when a student sees him, they’ll say “ Hey, that’s Mr. Cid. He was very influential upon my life.”


Mr. Cid decided to join the Yuma Catholic family because of the faith surrounding the school. He is a Catholic and thinks it a splendid idea to flourish among the Catholic culture. Some interesting facts about Mr. Cid: he was a professor and engineer at the University of Arizona, before that he was a middle school teacher, and he currently teaches at Arizona Western College. Please let us extend a warm welcome to Mr. Cid!

Getting to Know Mr. Malkowicz

September 16, 2016
By Ezlie Perez

Mr. Malkowicz is one of the two newest social studies teachers at Yuma Catholic.  So far, he has taken a strong keenness to the leadership and family sense that Yuma Catholic has. He is originally from New Jersey where taught at a high school geography.  His absolute favorite subject to teach is geography because he believes that when it is taught properly, everything can in turn be taught.  Interestingly, he had not planned to become a teacher.  He had previously wanted to be involved in Air Traffic Control but while prepping for the test, acquired a teaching job and ended up sticking to teaching because he enjoyed it.

Mr. Malkowicz moved to Yuma this year when he was offered the teaching position at Yuma Catholic.  Although he deeply misses his lifetime friends in New Jersey, he has become fond of Yuma.  A few of his favorite things about Yuma are the friendly people, minimal traffic, and the peaceful environment.  As for his favorite restaurant in Yuma so far, he likes Las Palapas and their hottest hot sauce.  If he had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, he would travel to India because it is one of the oldest and richest cultures in the history of the world.  A few random facts about him are that his favorite animals are dogs, his favorite book is The Rise and Fall of the British Empire, and his favorite music artist is The Allman Brothers Band.  In fact, he believes that children, music, and love are the greatest gifts from God.  Lastly, his favorite season is autumn because it signifies the death of something.  The beauty of the spring and summer dies but something special about autumn intrigues him.

Teacher Profile: Miss Lorts

September 09, 2016
By Anny Zhen and Mitzy Castro
Miss Lorts


Teacher Profile: Miss Lorts

By:  Anny Zhen and Mitzy Castro

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Miss Lorts received two degrees: Film Production and Literature. She received these majors from the Loyola Marymount University film school and from Oregon State University. Before coming to Yuma Catholic, she worked at Fox 2000 in LA in the film development department as well as a couple other jobs. She has met the biggest celebrities in today’s movie industry, such as the cast of How I Met Your Mother, Cameron Diaz, Katherine Heigl, and even Anne Hathaway.

Being heavily influenced by her parents, Ms. Lorts never had the thought of becoming a teacher. Many assumed that she would follow her parents’ footsteps and become a surgeon. However, she learned that becoming a surgeon was not her passion, hence her own saying that “if you are not super passionate, then it is not for you.” Instead, after all the experience and knowledge she has acquired from her previous jobs, becoming a teacher “sort of like happened.” Her parents and her twin brother unhesitantly supported her decision of becoming a teacher. Having no previous knowledge about the City of Yuma, except from the movie 3:10 to Yuma, Ms. Lorts decided to take a chance on Yuma Catholic High School and become one of its English teachers.

Adventures and experiences are dear to Miss Lorts; this explains her fearlessness and ability to be calm under pressure. She was previously the captain of the lacrosse team in her high school days. Her daring side enjoys activities such as skydiving and traveling. She has traveled all around the world, from Rome to Korea as well as to parts of Western Europe and Northern Africa. She has even gone to college in Italy, because she was mesmerized by the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. In addition to these great cities, she has also studied abroad in England, because she was fascinated by it at the time being.

Ms. Lorts’ teaching philosophy is mainly “to give students the tools to take ownership of their own learning.” At YC, she hopes to get a film club off to a great start, where students will be able to create their own films and learn about the depth in films, as well as theories of film and more. She has one big piece of advice for all students. She recommends studying abroad during high school or college, as it is “one of the most eyeopening, growth-inducing experiences.” These experiences will get students out of their comfort zones and “you are truly free to be who you are.”

What is the Leaflet?

September 08, 2016
By Elena Eykamp, Editor-in-Chief

What is The Leaflet?

by Elena Eykamp, Editor-in-Chief

Hello and welcome to Yuma Catholic’s The Leaflet! The Leaflet is our high school’s student online news source. We’ll keep you up to date on YC events, what our teachers are up to, and what our students care about. In the past we’ve had teacher interviews, movie reviews, and a variety of articles to make sure you’re in the know.

The Leaflet is always happy to have new members. We are not limited to just writing; if you’d like to photograph or edit for us, we’d love to have you. We’ve gained many new members this year and would love to have you. Feel free to contact Mrs. Meade about joining our club. We have short meeting nearly every week, but emails will be sent out to anyone who signs up. Joining is a great way to stay involved at YC even if you are busy with other activities.

If you are not a member and are just visiting our part of Yuma Catholic’s website I hope you’ll continue to visit. We will do our best to keep you informed as we make our way through the school year.

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