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The Leaflet


Meet Mr. Cid

October 03, 2016
By Theodora Baker

Mr. Cid was born and raised in San Luis, Sonora, Mexico. He is a graduate from Sonora State University in Mexico; he holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and holds a master’s degree in quality management. Mr. Cid decided to become a math teacher due to the fact that he has a love of math and numbers. He worked in the private sector for about eight years, then teaching math just called upon him. Mr. Cid’s hope for these upcoming years is that his students do well in math, so that when they go to college it is an easy for them. The legacy he hopes to leave behind is 20 years is when a student sees him, they’ll say “ Hey, that’s Mr. Cid. He was very influential upon my life.”


Mr. Cid decided to join the Yuma Catholic family because of the faith surrounding the school. He is a Catholic and thinks it a splendid idea to flourish among the Catholic culture. Some interesting facts about Mr. Cid: he was a professor and engineer at the University of Arizona, before that he was a middle school teacher, and he currently teaches at Arizona Western College. Please let us extend a warm welcome to Mr. Cid!