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Getting to Know Mr. Malkowicz

September 16, 2016
By Ezlie Perez

Mr. Malkowicz is one of the two newest social studies teachers at Yuma Catholic.  So far, he has taken a strong keenness to the leadership and family sense that Yuma Catholic has. He is originally from New Jersey where taught at a high school geography.  His absolute favorite subject to teach is geography because he believes that when it is taught properly, everything can in turn be taught.  Interestingly, he had not planned to become a teacher.  He had previously wanted to be involved in Air Traffic Control but while prepping for the test, acquired a teaching job and ended up sticking to teaching because he enjoyed it.

Mr. Malkowicz moved to Yuma this year when he was offered the teaching position at Yuma Catholic.  Although he deeply misses his lifetime friends in New Jersey, he has become fond of Yuma.  A few of his favorite things about Yuma are the friendly people, minimal traffic, and the peaceful environment.  As for his favorite restaurant in Yuma so far, he likes Las Palapas and their hottest hot sauce.  If he had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, he would travel to India because it is one of the oldest and richest cultures in the history of the world.  A few random facts about him are that his favorite animals are dogs, his favorite book is The Rise and Fall of the British Empire, and his favorite music artist is The Allman Brothers Band.  In fact, he believes that children, music, and love are the greatest gifts from God.  Lastly, his favorite season is autumn because it signifies the death of something.  The beauty of the spring and summer dies but something special about autumn intrigues him.